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There was a time not so long ago
that servers were only really used
in larger companies with in-house
I.T. Staff.

Now, with the advancement of the
internet, and the availability of
remote, shared IT support such as
our Share-IT service even the
smallest of companies can gain
great benefits from installing a

We Supply completely configured Servers such as Microsoft's Small Business Server 2003, offering numerous benefits:
  • Centralized File Storage and Backup
  • Fault Tolerance with Special Disk Arrays
  • Remote I.T. Support
  • Find and Archive your documents faster
  • Connect to the Internet and your Network Resources
  • Encourages your Team to Work Together
  • Easily Manage Email, Meetings and Calendars
  • Give your Mobile Workers Seamless Access to Network Resources
  • Easily Administer and Manage your Network
  • Add Users and Computers in a Jiffy
  • Keep an Eye on Server Health and Reduce Downtime
  • Protect your Valuable Data and Network Resources

Our basic Servers start at just 599, but we can build servers to meet any need:

  • Dedicated Email, File, Print or Internet Proxy Servers
  • Free Standing or 19" Rack Mounted
  • Disk configurations from SATA, SATA RAID, SCSI, SCSI RAID
  • High availability RAID5 Systems with hot swap & Online Spare Disks

"Hand Built"

You won't get old stock from us.. Once we agree a specification and a price, we go to work and search though our database of quality component suppliers, to order all the parts and software for your computer. At each stage of the build and testing process, we keep you informed so you can plan for the arrival and installation of your new system.

We can deliver to your premises, set it up, test it, connect it to your network. We're also on-call to support you if you have any problems.



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