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Computers are great when they’re
running okay. But over time, things
can start to be really frustrating
as they slowly begin to
misbehave, run slowly, crash,
or sometimes completely stop
working altogether.

With regular maintenance on
business computers your
company can avoid the
frustrations of slow running
or unstable computers
which cost so much lost time
and productivity.



Computers do need regular maintenance, and this maintenance is on two levels; hardware and software.


Regular hardware servicing is quite straightforward and should really be performed around once per year on hardworking business computers, or more often in environments which are dustier or where the computer is switched on for extended periods of time or even continually on. An annual hardware service is generally very simple and involved the following:

  • Memory (RAM) amount, utilization and page-files.
  • Hard disk space, errors and fragmentation.
  • Physical check of all the internal connections.
  • Cleaning and vacuuming inside and out.
  • Decongestion and cleaning of internal fans and heat-sinks.
  • Dismantling and lubricating any fans that are noisy or running slowly.
  • Cleaning laser lenses on CD drives.
  • Visual internal inspection to check for obvious problems.
  • Safety check on mains cables


Software Maintenance is a more ongoing form of servicing which involves maintaining the general “health” of the computer. Many things affect the performance or health of the computer. The following list is the covers the important ones, but is by no means an exhaustive list:

  • Operating system version and service pack level.
  • Faulty or unnecessary background software processes.
  • Viruses, Spyware, Adware and Malware.
  • Bloatware (Installed applications never used).
  • Unused system services.
  • Internet settings optimization.

We provide a full health check for computers or if it's got to the point where it needs a repair, we offer a full repair and data recovery service.


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