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When you have an existing network,
purchasing  an "off the shelf"  PC can
often land you in more problems than
you bargained for!  

Often these PCs come bundled with all
sorts of software including three-month
trial bundles of Antivirus and
Firewall software that can
cause problems on your
existing network.

  By the time you've uninstalled all these (and that doesn't always go smoothly) your bargain PC works out more expensive that anticipated!

As an IT support company, we specialize in building PCs (and Servers) that integrate perfectly into your existing network or office environment.

Things to consider:

  • Will the PC be Networked, if so what type of network.
  • If your network has a 'domain' did you order
    Windows XP "Professional"?
  • If its networked, don't waste money on PCs with internal modems, sound cards etc.
  • If your company uses a server do you really need
    big hard disks in your PCs?
  • If you already have a quite a few PCs in your office,
    are you taking full advantage of site licensing for your software?

Describe Your Application and We'll Build The Perfect PC!

We'll spend time discussing your needs with you, and give you guidance as to the things that maybe you had not thought about. Then we'll specify either a standard or custom built PC to exactly cater for your needs. We specialize in hand-built, top performance systems with great support, which are optimised to meet your requirements.


  • Basic PCs for use in the Office
  • PC's specially tailored for Music & Audio, with Dolby 
    Surround Sound and Digital Mixers
  • PCs optimised for Burning CDs
  • Photo Editing and Desktop Publishing Workstations


  • File Servers with Automated Nightly Tape Backup 
  • Internet Gateway & Email Servers
  • Company Intranet / Internet Servers
  • Full installation, configuration and Support of
    -Microsoft Windows Server 2003
    -Microsoft Windows 2000 Server
    -Microsoft Exchange Server
    -Microsoft ISA Server
    -Microsoft Small Business Server 2000
    -Microsoft Active Directory
    -Softalk WorkGroup Mail

"Hand Built"

You won't get old stock from us.. Once we agree a specification and a price, we go to work and search though our database of quality component suppliers, to order all the parts and software for your computer. At each stage of the build and testing process, we keep you informed so you can plan for the arrival and installation of your new system.

We can deliver to your door, set it up, test it, connect it to your network. We're also on-call to support you if you have any problems.

With our server products, we can arrange it so that we regularly dial-in to your new server to check everything is running smoothly or remotely configure it for you.




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